MACKLIN – “Don’t Leave Me”

Hailing from California, MACKLIN is a NYC-based singer-songwriter wearing a multi-colored robe of influences including Soul, 60’s and 70’s R&B, Gospel, Classical Western music and a splash of the Americana singer-songwriter genre. He is the lovechild of Nina Simone and Donny Hathaway. And they taught him well: there is a passion, presence and rawness that can only accurately be described as rare in today’s jungle of overproduced productions. 

On May 10th, a breath of much-needed-fresh-air-in-an-otherwise-corona-filled-world entered our homes through the opening warm tones of his debut single, “Don’t Leave Me” from his upcoming EP, Little Boy Blue. In the track, Macklin perfectly executes a performance of desperate heartbreak over an beautifully organic production. It feels deliberate in design through clean and considered arrangements while leaving ample room for spontaneous vocals that claw at your heart. There are real people behind this song, real people behind their instruments and a strikingly honest, poetic and real talented gentleman who pulls it all together in a musical treat that has left us excited to hear more from him!

“Don’t Leave Me” – don’t worry, this will not be leaving our playlists for a while. 

Best listened to: while walking home on a summer’s night while feeling tipsy, nostalgic and ready to wallow in some drama

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