Nono Chen – Would You Read My Mind

f you’re looking for fresh new music, by fresh, new (and deeply talented) NYC-artists, look no longer. This Chinese singer/songwriter/producer creates unique tunes, currently as a one-woman-team.

Nono began playing piano at the age of four and was trained in classical composition at Shanghai Music Middle School. She went to Berklee College of Music in 2017 and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Writing and Production in 2019. She is now a Songwriting master student at New York University.

Nono’s latest single “Would You Read My Mind” has the contrasting aspects of dreamy and clever. The 21 year old Master’s student (whaaaaaaaat?!)  has produced an ‘80s inspired underwater synth-production. When the groove hits at the 33 sec mark, you have no choice but to tap along. The song is a train that’s never stops, but keeps taking unexpected turns. The bridge is a total mood-changer that goes straight back to the groovy chorus with a variation.

Nono clearly has an ear for details. She has done her homework and now she is not afraid to think outside the box. She is absolutely worth paying attention to, cause there is no doubt she is going far!

Best listened to: When you’re cleaning the apartment and you need that extra bit of motivation and attitude!

Check out Nono here !

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