Allison Leah, “We Can Still Sing”

Allison Leah is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist born and raised just North of New York City. A jingle-singer turned folk-pop artist, Allison spent her earliest years in the studio recording familiar jingles like the “Hess Truck” Commercial, as well as her own original music. 

We met Miss Leah at one of those classic secret Brooklyn showcases we all fantasize about. In a tiny apartment that was located in a seemingly abandoned neighborhood, your Tonemamas had the pleasure of seeing Allison perform her original music. We were instantly impressed by her tight songwriting skills. 

On her recent single “We Can Still Sing”, Allison Leah describes the feeling a generation of millenials had (and are still currently having) when the pandemic hit. We all had to let go of one or another version of a lifeplan we had  become totally identified with. The anxiety that came with the inability to not “finish every to-do list”, followed by the  acceptance and careful excitement of not knowing what the future holds. All of this is perfectly captured in the 4 minutes and 38 seconds of “We Can Still Sing”. 

The hopeful tune is supported by the perfect acoustic (and juuuust cheesy enough) production required to  remind the world of togetherness and that “as long as we have our voices, we’re okay.” It hits the spot in a socially distanced world. 

We can’t wait to follow Allison Leah closely on her journey through what will undoubtedly be a very successful music career. 

Best enjoyed: When you’re sitting at home, feeling lonely and isolated, but need some inspiration to call a friend!

Listen for this moment: When Allison transitions out of the first pre-chorus with a pretty country-crack in her voice and into the chorus where she unexpectedly uses a beautiful and effortless head voice. 

Check out Allison Here

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