KiTTN, “Don’t Wait”

Self described as a “Chicago transplant” (don’t worry, your Tonemamas also had to Google that), KiTTN now lives in New York City and with her she brings poetry, short stories and most importantly, soul-satisfying music. Her single, “Don’t Wait” is effortlessly slick with KiTTN’s vocals balancing between matter-of-fact and relaxed before the urgency of the hook, where the words “Don’t Wait” are weaved together in a convincing and persuasive chorus. 

It seems like there’s a lot to be waiting for these days. We’re waiting for things to go back to normal, we’re waiting for companies to start hiring, we’re waiting for people to realize they still have to wear masks, we’re waiting for the days when we don’t have to wear masks….and yet, KiTTN tells us to stop waiting. Don’t wait to begin your life. Even if you can’t leave your four walls and you haven’t had human contact for a month or two, don’t wait. 

The minimalist production with muted strings over a driving, head-bopping beat are dominant in their vibey-ness, but they don’t distract from KiTTN’s central message. Don’t wait. No one knows how much time we have left (hey Tonemamas, lighten up!). 

KiTTN in the studio

“Don’t Wait” is a poetic meditation on wondering what we’re responsible for, and what we’re not. What we can control, and what we can’t. And yet there is that driving hook reminding us, “don’t wait”, life is finite, bring the future to the present. Don’t wait. And while you’re at is, certainly don’t wait on KiTTN. 

Best Listened To: After a day of procrastination while cleaning out your cupboards, sipping on wine, and getting your sh*t together

Moment to listen for: 0:31 when the high hats come in, thickening the rhythmic  texture and KiTTN’s vocals get more melodic

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