Nautics, “Thoughts on the Ceiling”

“Thoughts on the Ceiling” is a song that can be enjoyed by anybody regardless of how the cosmos are currently looking like for them.” This is how Nautics describe their latest single. And we couldn’t agree more. 

Formed in 2014, this New York four-piece band is made up of Kenzo Repola (vocals and guitar), Van (bass), Levitt Yaffe (drums), and Amir “The Hands” Brivanlou (keys).  Nautics have that boyish coolness all indie synth-bands ultimately aim for. 

“Thoughts on the Ceiling” is a super catchy pop-tune dressed in a wavy synth and guitar- landscape. Nautics have somehow managed to find that sweet spot of tempos and feels where audiences have the ability to move around and chill simultaneously. These guys truly know how hipsters like to dance. 

The song feels like a throwback to 2000s “indie”-artists like Gotye and Owl City. And we are super happy to be thrown back to that great period in pop-music. Though it must be said this isn’t merely nostalgia. The band have done their homework, letting themselves be inspired from the past and are applying it towards the 2020’s evolving music scene.  

In their six-year career the Nautics have stayed active by releasing multiple albums, EPs and singles. They’ve played at prestige-filled venues in New York and their music is listened to all over the world. 

Make sure to press play and repeat on the Nautics to let them be the soundtrack to your summer!

Listen here

Best enjoyed with a cold local brew and vegan hotdogs on a rooftop anywhere. 
Listen for this moment: When the chorus is somehow simultaneously building and fading out around 3:09  – the Nautics’ highly processed vocals in the background show that they know how to let loose and riff!

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