Ciph Boogie (Feat. Isadore Noir) – Traffic

Feeling stuck is an integral part of our human experience. We feel stuck when global pandemics hit and the outdoors is off limits, we feel stuck in certain jobs or relationships, and we can also feel stuck in traffic. Like literal traffic. However, Ciph Boogie takes this universally understood experience and invites us to explore our own traffic mentally. Are you stuck in mental traffic?

Ciph Boogie is a songwriter/ hip-hop artist residing in Brooklyn. Subways replace cars, and yet the rapper perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being stuck in his track “Traffic”. The synth pads feel nostalgic and reflective creating warmth over a persistent beat. The simplistic production and repetitive harmonic palette are effective in musically expressing the stagnation that seems to putrefy so much of our creative thinking while stuck in mental traffic. Isadore Noir’s smooth and emotive vocals add wonders while lamenting congested roads in the hook.

Us Tonemamas are so excited to be jumping enthusiastically aboard the Ciph Boogie fan train – hop on, and while you’re at it check out his other tracks “You Gotta Eat” and “Searching”. 

Best listened to: While wandering aimlessly through Brooklyn’s streets at dusk

Listen for this moment: 1:10 – when the poetic flow is mixed up a little following the a convincing and melodically satisfying hook

Check out Ciph Boogie here.

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