Ian Bamberger – “Sweet Surrender”

“Tonemamas, sometimes I miss the simpler sounds of 70’s and 80’s music…today’s music is just so overproduced.” Hey Tonemillers, we hear you. There’s nothing quite like a genuine, intimate acoustic expression of the likes of Jeff Buckley and the sorts. And boy, that makes us more ready than ever to answer your acoustic prayers and introduce you to Ian Bamberger, the bluesy folk-rock guitar player who’s new single “Sweet Surrender” is mournful, modern and magical. 

When it comes to work ethic, Ian gets a 10/10 for being a productive musician (and your we know this is a rare breed of musician). He has released one full-length album and 4 EP’s. The latest single, “Sweet Surrender” released in February came at a moment when we were fighting the inevitable surrender we would be making to a whole new level of isolation. And now many moons have passed, and it seems the quarantine life has pushed people to (literally) seek out greener pastures, looking for the quiet, organic and minimalistic in life. It’s as if Ian anticipated this. The folky Bob-Dylaneqsue tune contains a few guitars and just enough metaphors to transform us to a different time and place (unless you’ve decided to opt out of 2020 entirely and are on a train to the late 60’s). 

Ian is first and foremost a guitarist, as is evident in the luxurious guitar arrangements in this track. But don’t let that distract from his other skills – Mr. Bamberger is equally talented with a beautiful voice and solid songwriting skill expertise. He delivers authentic lyrics with genuine conviction in a soft tone that contains hints of sadness, heartbreak and hope. 

Your Tonemamas are cheering Ian on from a socially acceptable distance, and are excited to follow his career. Come cheer him on with us, and make a point to see one of his live shows when that part of the world starts up again!

Listen for this moment: 1:18 as he’s coming out of the chorus with an “Oooh” that’s slightly cracked and slightly off pitch, but in that goosebump-emotional way. 

Best enjoyed: On a road trip but after that initial excitement has landed and the car has gone quiet and each person is in their own daydream. 

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