Lauren Eylise – “Bad Choices”

Your Tonemamas will never stop being grateful for the moment where we got to see Lauren Eylise at an open mic in the Bronx earlier this year before COVID-19 hit NYC (remember live music? Us too…*wipe away tears*).

That magical moment where we got to witness true talent, X-factor in a non-screen expression, and charisma that provoked feelings of being totally and overwhelmingly starstruck. 

Yes, ever since that moment we’ve followed Lauren Elyse on Instagram with unreasonable devotion and we can tell you one thing for sure; this does not seem like a woman who makes bad choices. There seems to be a constant cleansing of body and soul. The non-stop flow of ginger shots, perfectly-prepped healthy food, yoga (what, you’ve never stalked anyone on Instagram before??? Us neither!…*wipe away lies*)

So when “Bad Choices” dropped in May, we were ready

It is so satisfying to listen to this heavily distorted yet super minimalistic track. The production is reminiscent of good-girl-gone-bad with it’s hard-hitting edginess. Eylise is bringing back that 70’s rock guitar soundscape we so rarely hear in today’s music which is a breath of fresh (or deliciously rebellious smoky) air. It makes the track stand out in the current musical environment. The humming backup vocals are filled with a truly terrifying combination of attitude and sugary sweetness. And Lauren herself stands firmly in the spotlight of it all with her virtuous and striking voice. 

Lauren Eylise staked her spot in the music industry with the release of her debut EP Life/ Death/ Life in September 2017 and has opened up for artists like Tank & The Bangas, Train, Erykah Badu and Patti Labelle to casually mention a few greats.  

We will continue following this true superstar deeper into new heights of stardom! Do yourself a much-requested favor and get to know Lauren Eylise!

Best listened to: When you’re feeling fragile and shameful over recent choices you’ve made and need some confidence and attitude to back you up! 

Listen for this moment: 1:22 when Lauren lets out her inner rapper for a minute and delivers a super tight lyric flow and breaks off just at the right time!

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