Andrew Lane, “Half Heart”

Although Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Andrew Lane probably didn’t envision this for his recent release, “Half Heart” feels like a love letter to all the music festivals that were supposed to take place this summer.

Instantly grabbing us with the tight vocal layers at the beginning repeating “I’m just a half a heart away,” he leaves you feeling wistful for public gatherings of ten or more (sigh…). Lane himself quotes his influences as EDM, tropical and future house and these sounds certainly fill this summery track. “Half Heart” instantly will take any music-loving millennial back to memories of scorching days spent pumping fists at *insert the last musical festival you were at*.

Andrew Lane

Lane, whose day job includes transferring musical knowledge to a pack of youngsters in Queens, knows how to satisfy his listeners. With a smooth voice that pays tribute to his classical voice training, the vocal harmony arrangements take us back to Imogen Heap. The track slickly transitions between epic breakdowns, to musically stripped hooks all done with a tasteful and clean production. For all of you who have pieces of your heart left abandoned on cancelled holidays or unrefunded tickets – this track will make your heart just a little fuller.

Best listened to: at a socially distant barbeque in someone’s backyard while drinking beer and talking about pre-COVID life

Listen for this moment: At 1:32, and epic breakdown that will leave your neck aching from the head-bopping

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