BOMBZR feat. Ramon Jackson, “Butterscotch Baby”

Remember live music? Us neither. But when your Tonemamas pressed play on “Butterscotch Baby” by BOMBZR feat. Ramon Jackson, it all came rushing back to us in one funkalicious concoction of jazz, gospel and downright grooviness. 

The first 30 seconds of the track feel like the delicious hype build-up at a live show with the ambient sounds of floating electric guitars and the rise and fall of shakers. The energy is building, building, building and then SMACK – the surge of a rich horn section drops right into the first verse where Ramon Jackson’s smoky and hoarse voice seduces us as he describes a lucky woman he’s wooing. She is his “butterscotch baby”, and your Tonemamas couldn’t help fanning our flushed cheeks while head-bopping along to this spirited chorus which hits us right in our old-school romance feels.

Drums: Chris DeCarmine

Richard Bomzer, the group’s fearless leader and Jackson met at an open mic at Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar in New York City, and from this pre-COVID encounter, magic was produced. The tight background vocal arrangement, synthesis of diverse instruments and blushing-inducing lyrics have produced a musical creation that when you close your eyes can immediately take you back to the days of wandering into random music venues in the city and being surprised with brilliant live musicianship. How great our city’s live music was….and soon will be again!


Best listened to: While scattering rose petals on your bed and waiting for your partner to come home so you guys can…talk….about the….weather….

Listen for this moment: 0:36 the transition between the introduction and the first verse is just so undeniably great (yes to the trumpet and saxophone players!)

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