Meghan Pulles – “How Much Longer”

There’s something about Meghan Pulles….what is it about the pitchy banjo and mundane melody that inexplicably hits home so well? What is it about this song, “How Much Longer”, that accelerates our heart beat and transforms our skin into full on goosebump mode? Just what is it about Meghan Pulles?

Let’s admit it – there are A LOT of corona-related songs that have recently been released which deal with isolation, loneliness, and the deep desire for the pack to be back together. Some of these songs end in hope, others in total unresolved sadness. But not all of them manage to convey that feeling that most of us have felt lately, and it’s a feeling difficult to put into words. It’s a feeling that Meghan without warning drops onto our fragile little hearts when starting the song with an acapella opening that lasts a full twenty two seconds, and it is in those seconds that she communicates this very specific, wordless, nameless feeling – of emptiness, loneliness, and timelessness.

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Equipped with a beautiful voice drenched in a sea of reverb while repeating the words “I look out my window,” an entire scene unfolds in the minds of your Tonemamas. We can fully imagine the classically trained opera singer and theatre actress from Orlano sitting all alone in a big cathedral just waiting for Godot, only this time if she’s patient enough, resolution might come. 

Pulles is a perfect character for the song she’s written. She has described songwriting as “cathartic, an emotional band-aid to help heal and overcome past obstacles.” Now she’s using songwriting to overcome the current obstacles – for herself and for all of us listening. She is a unique gem who radiates the purest form of genuineness, and for that we invite you to join us in being mesmerized by this new artist.

Best listened to: Lying on your bed with a pair of good headphones on, only listening. 

Listen for: 00:07, when Meghan’s beautiful voice subtly, quietly and simply cries out all the loneliness, emptiness, silence and loudness we’ve all been confronting lately.

Check out Meghan here

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