Marifé – “Can’t Fight Love”

Is it just us or has it been a minute since we heard a positive and light hearted love song? A song that makes you want to skip all the way home with butterflies in your stomach? One that makes you feel like you’re in love even when you’re not? Your Tonemamas didn’t realize this was a void in our lives and then Marifé came along and happily filled it anyway (Thank you Marifé!).

Marifé is a 21-year old Costa Rican artist currently attending NYU Tisch (Tisch just won’t stop churning out some fresh, young talent! ). The singer/songwriter has clearly done her homework while studying at this prestigious school –  the arrangement of “Can’t Fight Love”  is simple, playful yet tidy. And the arrangement itself is executed perfectly – the instrumentalists perform with an admirable sensitivity to her voice…with so much of current music being recorded in different locations, your Tonemamas love hearing a band that sounds like they were all jamming in the same room at the same time to the same vibe. 

Can’t Fight Love – Marifé

Marifé’s voice is full of integrity and control, but she’s not boring us, it’s fresh and fun – a perfect combination of cute and mature. In addition to being an excellent singer-songwriter with over 18k monthly listeners on Spotify (cue spontaneous applause), Marifé is also a multi-instrumentalist and actor (aka triple threat…the Tisch kids don’t mess around).

Your Tonemamas excitedly present to you this shooting star and invite you to follow her journey through the galaxies (…and BEYOND #isthatfromstarwars #tonemamasdontwatchmovies). 

Best listened to: Walking around town with the sunlight in your eyes and the breeze in your hair.

Listen for: 1:30: The beautiful transition from a floaty chorus to a dryer interlude with some wonderful tasty trumpet lines!

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