Margot and the Midnight Tenants , “Grown Man”

Wait, what? We didn’t realize La Roux and Empire of the Sun had a love child! Well, apparently they did and the resulting love-child-turned-great-new-music-group is called Margot and the Midnight Tenants!

Led by Margot Bennet, this cool newband has created a synth and guitar based, indie-hybrid sound and we’re with them from the very first note! The band throws us back to the 2010’s with their straight rhythm guitars, highly processed falsetto voices and a tasteful blanket of synth pads. Yet, there’s something they’re doing that takes them out of the previous decade (a decade we will remember fondly) and into today’s scene.

Maybe it’s the songwriting that’s catering to our short attention span and always keeps bringing in new parts? Or maybe it’s Margot’s persuasive, intriguingly distorted voice? It doesn’t really matter because Margot and the Midnight Tenants makes you want to stop thinking and just dance carelessly with your hands in the air into a bright female-led future where grown men get called out for the non-grown-men things they do (goodbye man-children!).

Best listened to: At a beach party with all your women friends, drinking to all the ungrown men we no longer have to deal with. 

Listen for: 2:30 when they transition out of the chorus into a very laid back post-chorus.

Check them out here

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