Ess See – “Overdrive”

Tonemillers, brace yourselves… You’re about to discover your new favorite artist! Allow us to kindly introduce you to Ess See…a Brooklyn-based producer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, video-editor, you know – a super-duper-multi-talented queen of all trades (no Jacks in the house here).


Ess See

About a month ago Ess See released her first fully self-produced song “Overdrive” (can we get an applause for self-produced!) Ess See describes the song as a love song for anyone who knows deep heartache. And if you don’t know deep heartache, the song will make you deeply familiar with it (in the best possible way). With a voice sounding like Cyndi Lauper-meet- Lana Del Rey, Ess See performs a perfect mix of vulnerability and passion. The performance is of such genuine realness that your Tonemamas felt their little tone hearts get moved to tears while also simultaneously wanting to break out in deeply expressive contemporary dance (we have a lot of feelings, okay?!?!)

With shows like Stranger Things, the world has undergone a global #throwback to the 80’s with synth soundscapes. Ess See takes this a little further by also treating her voice and drums with heavy reverb, and placing the track in a big-sounding room with a lot of echo. It works. The production progresses fantastically, all the musical elements deliberately placed with artistic precision in order to drive the song’s dynamic forward and keep that passion alive for the entire duration of the track. And Tonemillers… how about how damn CATCHY that hook is?! We happily award Ess See with an A+  for this  marvellous first self-produced glorious hit!

Best listened to: When you’re suddenly in a movie-collage passionately running back/away from/ to a former lover (it’s your life, pick what’s appropriate!)

Listen for: 2:56, such a great chorus!

Check out Ess See here

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