Mon Repos, “Spiral”

It’s a Tonemill first! Today we’re featuring a purely instrumental track written by intuitive guitarist, Mon Repos called “Spiral”. Originally hailing from Trinidad and Tobago and now based in Brooklyn, this artist creates guitar-based wavey soundscape that ebbs into hip-hop, jazz and reggae and flooows out of soul, afrobeat and jungle. That’s quite a genre-diverse ocean we’ve got there! Who wants to go swimming?

Mon Repos

This track is all about mood and your Tonemamas (and their never-ending imagination) heard the lead guitar as a character. This character is twenty-something wearing loose, brightly patterned clothing that waft in the summer breeze. This character, let’s call them “Dash”, goes with the flow, sees the beauty in all things, doesn’t try to catch life and trap it in a bottle but rather puts the “chill” in “chillax” (yes Tonemillers, we know that word is so 2000 but we’re the Tonemamas and if you roll your eyes at us again we’re grounding you.)

Mon Repos

The repetitive lounge-track goes perfect with a beachy cocktail on a warm summer evening. Maybe it’ll make you feel hopeful, relaxed, effortless and most (and best) of all; cool. So, be inspired by fictional Dash, blast “Spiral” by the nonfictional Mon Repos, and manifest some positive vibes for your 2020 summer!

Best listened to: On a balcony overlooking the New York City skyline while watching the sun set. If you don’t have a balcony, buy one on Amazon.

Listen for this moment: 2:24 the echo of a gliding guitar gets us all excited and gooey (like warm but a melted warm? Anyone? No?….)

Listen here

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