J and the 9s, “Don’t Think About It”

This is a Romeo and Juliet story set in the underground New York City rock scene. Yes, we know -it sounds like yet another cheesy Shakespeare-set-in-a-modern-day-context by just another highly inspired amateur theater director…but it’s actually true! About five years ago, bandleader/singer/instrumentalist J9 and drummer Chris Beatz were in rivaling rock bands, both trying to own and dominate the NYC scene. And then as in any good movie, the rivaling turned into romance which turned into marriage subsequently establishing what they’re now known as: J and the 9s (and Jack, their recent  newborn addition…say it with us now: “aaaaw”).

You may have noticed that the Tonemamas rarely feature straight up rock n’ roll music (we even call it rock n’ roll because we have no idea what the cool rock kids call it these days…#tonegrannies) But when we heard J and the 9s latest single “Don’t Think About it”, we just couldn’t help ourselves! How can anyone help themselves when listening to this pumping, high energy track with such motivating lyrics empowering listeners to stay out of your own head and live beyond the restrictions of our thoughts. 

The distorted and messy production really underlines the message of not giving a sh*t. You’ll hear similarities to Heart as well as Alanis Morrisette. As you’re rocking away your ears will suddenly be shocked into uttering a “Whaaaat???” because out of nowhere J and the 9’s throw a flute solo in the mix! A flute solo! In a hard hitting rock track! What a way to upset our expectations and mix genres in such creative fashion! We are on board

Listen for: 0:35 as they transition into the chorus and J9s voice goes into full overdrive mode – these guys don’t hold back! 

Best listened to: When there’s something you really want to do, but you’re being held back by fear and you need that extra push!

Check out to J and the 9s HERE!

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