Comfort Cat ,“I am Married to the Rain”

It’s time for us to get in that long unorganized queue (if you can even call it that) and catch a free ride with the Staten Island ferry to visit Comfort Cat the hooman and Jack, her cat (what can we say, we’re always down for a slice of quirkiness!)

Comfort Cat is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who embodies a comfortable sound and crafts stingy lyrics. The artist’s latest single “I am Married to the Rain” is part of her upcoming album (due to be released in 2021).  And Tonemillers, you know those rare occasions when you get to hear true genuinity? Well, this is a time like that. The combination of vulnerable nakedness mixed with an earnest strength is a formula that doesn’t do well for our little hearts (i.e. it’s molto espressivo)

The phrase “I am married to the rain” is repeated numerous times – first there’s a lovable artistic insanity to it, but then it transforms into a mantra and it all makes sense. It’s meditative – like the sound of rain.

It’s interesting how Comfort Cat plays with dynamics in this recording. She accompanies herself with what she calls a guitarlele (or a six-string tenor ukulele), and a small string ensemble. But even with this small ensemble, she really plays with the volume. She goes between almost whispering to belting out in frustration with her magnificent voice. She sings with such flexibility and heartfeltness, it seems as if her voice rises from endless depths to land like a dust particle in our eye that we wipe away (i.e it’s molto MOLTO espressivo)

Best listened to: Early in the morning when you’re just waking up and you still have one foot in dreamworld. 

Listen for: 1:20 the wonderful, unexpected change of mood in this 2nd verse.

Check out Comfort Cat here

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