Tiggy, “Two Year Stand”

The last decade has seen a new wave of so-called ‘bedroom  producers’ thanks to technology become more accessible and affordable. This term used to conjure up an image of a sweaty teenage computer nerd eating chips and making beats until 3AM. Fast forward to 2020 and we have exalted bedroom producers to a high ranking in the music community (come to think of it, maybe our symbolic sweaty teenager just grew up and those hours and hours of practising are now a commodity the equivalent of gold?) We have the pleasure of introducing you to one of those valuable bedroom producers named Tiggy.


Tiggy’s single “Two Year Stand” from her upcoming EP Diplomat’s Daughter has an 80’s inspired sound with synth-layers and overdubbed, soaking wet vocals.

The artist is a former cellist, opera singer and now songwriter and producer (why are all the Tonemillers always such multi-talents?) The opera training is evident – Tiggy sings with a truly unique and beautiful voice, performing the track in a breathy and effortless way from start to finish in that gorgeous, dark and mature tone. Perhaps this is what makes the track stand out – the mature tone combined with a playful production – there is an undeniable depth under a forward moving and seriously catchy melody. Your Tonemamas opened our mouths as wide as possible to chant along, “I-I-iiiiiii-i-iiii-iiiii liiii-iiieeed” with our hands in the air (because at this point, we don’t care). The momentous drive and tempo wonderfully emphasize the lyrics of moving on after a two year relationship. It’s always appreciated when an artist manages to give listeners options in how to interpret the song – in this case there’s a surface level of simply vibing along, or a deeper level of commiserating with a fellow broken heart. 

Tiggy, “Two Year Stand”

We cannot wait for the full EP to hear Tiggy’s songs about her life as a diplomat’s daughter, always on the move resulting in childhood stretched over five different countries. We’re glad she’s chosen NYC as her home for now, and will be bringing our masks to the next live show she does!

Best listened to: While commuting. This song is all about motion (literally and metaphorically). Put the song on while you’re walking, bussing, driving or training to get lost in Tiggy’s story. 

Listen for: 3:00- when you think she’s hit peak energy Tiggy introduces a super rhythmic bridge that really pushes the song forward.

Check out Tiggy here

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