Age Race Gender, “Recorded”

COVID has not been kind to NYC’s creative community – Miss ‘Rona feels like a Regina George (ref Mean Girls…again…) who strutted onto our musical scene, pointed to all live shows, in-person collaborations and network events and announced, “you can’t sit with us”. Just like that all of us musicians found ourselves sadly sitting alone at the proverbial lunch table, wondering what our musical friends were up to in the (socially appropriate) distance. But just like the city, we’re a resilient bunch! This is evident in the surge of creative projects that have been born during this time (Tonemill included), and today we’re introducing you to a fellow quarantine baby brought into existence by Mike Stanz: the new rock band named Age Race Gender. 

Age Race Gender

This Long Island collective sounds less like a garage band and more like a well produced indie-band on their latest single “Recorded”. The song is a fast paced feel-good rock track giving the Tonemamas flashbacks to that sweet time about ten to fifteen years ago when bands Franz Ferdinand and Kaizer Chief headlined all the festivals. Also, they are excellent arrangers (shout-out to this underappreciated skill!). The busy drums, simple guitar riffs and bass line compliment each other fantastically. Every musical element has its place where it has room to thrive – well done, fellow quarantine baby!

Age Race Gender, “Recorded”

Something worth noting – our featured musicians are a group born in a socially distant world and therefore have not yet had the opportunity to play a live show yet! We all know it’s every NYC hipster’s dream to be an ‘original groupie’ of any band (“I was there before they got famous, guys”), so take your chance, follow this band and be there when they make their live debut in the next few months!

Listen for: 0:53: LOVE that guitar riff with the drum fill! 

Best listened to: When you’re at a party and want to show your friends something new that’ll undoubtedly set a good mood!

Check them out here

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