Becky Krill, “Alive in the Summertime”

We’re really sorry to spring this upon you Tonemillers but, Autumn is officially here. And although your Tonemamas love an excuse to wear gloves and an umbrella, we are already missing those sweaty, yet glorious days of summer…Luckily for us, today’s feature puts us in a time machine and brings us back two months ago (or wait, let’s do one year and two months, shall we?) 

Becky Krill

Let us introduce you to Brooklyn-bound Becky Krill. She is, just like a lot of you talented Tonemillers (what, we can’t flatter our readers?), a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer! A few days ago she released the music video to her latest single “Alive in the Summertime” – a light pop song conveying that bubbly feeling of sweet summer lovin’.

When you thought Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus had taken genre blending as far as possible, here comes Becky and takes country music out of the barn and places it in a fancy club with expensive cocktails. Instead of line dance, it’s that other dance that people do in clubs where they pump their fists and all of that stuff (shut up… you haven’t been to a club in a while either!)

“Alive in the Summertime”, Becky Krill

It’s straight up impressive how Becky Krill manages to put so many ideas into one production while still keeping it tidy and clear. She caters to our short attention span and we’re with her from the first moment to the last! Her smooth voice repeating “It’s gonna be alright”  over the combination of nostalgic synths and the acoustic guitars makes us feel optimistic and free – like we’re young Tonegirls again!

Becky’s dropping her next single in just a week so make sure to follow her on all platforms! 

Check out the new video here

Best listened to: On a roadtrip! 

Listen for: 0:17: such an unexpected and welcomed turn of events!

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