Charlie O’Connor, “Living Loving Large”

Remember yesterday when you looked at your budget and solemnly swore to yourself “no more splurging”, but now it’s Monday and you’re on your second organic, homegrown, short-lived, self-picked almond milk pumpkin spice latte, and it’s like, what even is budget? 

“What even is budget” is the deep existential question that British-born, NYC-based artist, theatre maker and actor Charlie O’Connor answers in his latest single “Living Loving Large”.

In a former life, the Tonemamas actually had the rare pleasure of seeing today’s feature live at Rockwood Music Hall (we miss you Rockwood), and what a night it was. O’Connor dazzled us with his tantilizing charisma making us laugh while simultaneously wiggling our butts. He was and is a rare breed that combines comedy and rockstar-dom. Need a mood booster? Go see Charlie play live when that’s possible (we’ll certainly be there giggling and grooving!

Charlie O’Connor

But enough strolling down memory lane. Last week O’Connor released his latest single “Living Loving Large”. The sleek and minimalist opening reminiscent of a Robin Thicke/ Justin Timberlake production with some sultry staccato vocals inviting us to to get reckless tonight (or this morning in our more PG coffee adaption). This track is a celebration of living bigly (Trump knows what we’re talking about) – that whole who-cares-we’re-all-going-to-die-anyway-so-let’s-have-fun-in-the-meantime attitude that social distancing makes slightly harder, but is still a fun notion to bop your head along to. O’Connor’s theatre background is evident in the excellent rise of tension in the pre-chorus and then that immensely satisfying drop in the chorus which can only be described as deliciously funkalicious. 

Charlie O’Connor

Best listened to: When you’re giving yourself a fashion show of the new clothes you bought on a H&M binge in the mirror, strut to the beat sister!

Listen for this moment: The chorus – how you don’t get that stuck in your head is a question we cannot answer for you

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