Almost Sex, “Knockoff”

One of the many, many things a time traveler from, say, the ‘90s would notice about today’s society is that people do everything online. We meet lovers, friends, foes, business partners and fellow music collaborators all on the wide web of the world. The last one is particularly relevant for today’s feature, Almost Sex.

Almost Sex

Nick Louis and H. Warren LaSota (sounds like a fantasy author, we know!) met in what they describe as a “chance online encounter” and spent several months collaborating remotely on their new project. In the beginning of September of this godforsaken year, the duo released their debut single “Knockoff”. Almost Sex (…band names, are we right?) creates a beautiful soundscape of guitars and synth swells. The overdubbed vocals are singing a repetitive small-range melody in a relaxed, cool manner. They’re giving us that movie-soundtrack-indie-pop sound we all know and love. “Knockoff” is a one-gear song: there’s not much dynamic difference, but it doesn’t need it. Instead they’re putting on cruise control and letting us hang out in a place we can enjoy thoroughly.   

“Knockoff”, Almost Sex

The track describes someone who’s hanging onto a relationship even though they know they’re compromising themselves: “Maybe I’m a knockoff but I’ll still get your rocks off”. They’re talking about an all-too-familiar situation in a poetic way. I mean, who doesn’t relate to this lyric: “You’re giving me the time I need, I know that I’ll just concede, again. I’m pretending to believe in yoga and astrology.” 
The Tonemamas may or may not have exaggerated one or two interests over the years…Look us in the eye (yes, we share one all-seeing Tonemama eye) and tell us you haven’t done the same!

Listen for: 0:42 at the first chorus when they introduce the female voice that takes the song to new heights. 

Best enjoyed: When you’re wearing your big hat and sundress, biking on a beautiful summer day! *Sigh…. We miss summer! 

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