“Text Me”, Maxtallies

The Tonemamas can be a little bit pretentious at times, we know. We love a good existential crisis explained over some jazzy chords or a love story that ends in tragedy/heartache played out with some contemporary dance and a drone synth. But sometimes all we want is just a groovy track with a catchy melody and that is exactly what today’s feature, Maxtallies, serves us on the polished silver platter of POP. 


Our mysterious artist released the single “Text Me” this spring. The track starts in a minimalistic fashion with a single synth and Maxtallies’ rich and daring voice singing a repetitive melody about someone who’s clearly ghosting him (take the hint, Max… kidding, as we said, the Tonemamas love a good conflicting love story!). This production caters to our generation’s short attention span and keeps moving forward and building for the whole two minutes and twenty three seconds. The artist keeps us in each part for just long enough for us to get into it, but without lingering too long.

Text Me, Maxtallies

It’s easy to overlook the quality of Maxtallies’ voice, because it is so highly processed. But there is no question that the gentleman can sing. He seems to have full control over his breathy falsetto as well as a beautiful tone at the lower part of his register. Text this song rec to all your friends, because it’s a goodie!

Listen for: 0:40 when the groove really settles in and you just can’t help but lowering your point of gravity and start moving your joints… (#whenthetonemamasareclubbing)

Best Enjoyed: When you need to boost your attitude a little bit, put this track on as you’re walking down the street and pretend to be the star of the music video! 

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