Justy, “Cool”

You know that feeling when the ice caps are melting at alarming rates, your president sounds more like a toddler arguing on a sugar high than the leader of a country, when a global pandemic virtually presses ‘pause’ on everyone’s collective dreams and aspirations and all you can do is shake your head and offer a resigned and fatigued: “…cool.”

This is the wonderfully effective, detached tone of Brooklyn-born Justy’s new single, “Cool”, except substitute the aforementioned global matters with matters of the heart. When your partner no longer surprises you, not with flowers or chocolates, but rather when you’re no longer surprised by your partner’s ability to hurt you. “I ain’t tripping over you /When you hurt me /I don’t worry /’Cause you know it’s nothing new” sings Justy in a gorgeously smoky voice reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. The point of indifference is a particularly heartbreaking stage in any relationship, but Justy delivers a meditation on this very topic over an easy-going LoFi beat with smooth rhythmic guitar riffs as well as a lone saxophone. There is an intensity in her lack of intensity, a drama in her avoidance of drama…it’s the beautiful complexity in a song the Tonemamas are all about.


 Listen for this moment: 0:22 the addition of the saxophone just takes this song from Cool to Cool 2.0

Best listened to: When you’re hanging out with your best friend Mary Jane on someone’s balcony contemplating the meaning of life (conclusion: it’s deep.)

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