The Bergamot, “L.A”

Put on your comfy pants, pop some corn and get cozy because today’s feature is the plot of a good movie!

The Bergamot’s latest single “L.A.” sounds like Florence + The Machine and Mumford and Sons got together to write the next “Midnight Train to Georgia”. The duo has been at it for a while and the single is from their third album“Mayflies”. In a dreamy landscape of guitars and synths, The Bergamot is describing someone who’s on the move, searching for something they perhaps were hoping to find in LA, but didn’t. The song is from the perspective of the person left behind. Yes, it’s like the plot of all the best Sunday movies where you’re rooting for the person to find themself and live their best life but also for the person that’s left behind, and before you know it you’ve just salted your popcorn even more with your tears…


The production of the song is tidy and feels deliberate. The two singers compliment each other perfectly with their highly breathy voices, soaking wet in reverb effects. The guitar- and synth lines fit with each other like a perfect puzzle over the acoustic guitar plucking. The whole track has a captivating dynamic arc and they hold our attention the whole way (which says a lot for the millennial generation that forgets about the food they ordered three minutes ago on their phones…)


We can promise that when shows are a thing again, The Tonemamas will have front row seats to The Bergamot!

Listen for: 0:50, when they sing “she’ll be gone”, and cut to “her” driving away from LA while the beautiful interlude is playing with more percussive elements bringing in that forward motion. 

Best listened to: When you had your last day at work/ moving/ just broke up with someone or something else ended and you need to reflect and soak in that horrible universal experience of having to say goodbye.

Check them out here

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