Snick Foley, “Rhymes with Borrow”

Your Tonemamas, despite our fresh-faced youthful appearances, are old souls at heart. Although alive in 2020 (unfortunately), we have a deep affinity with music of times long passed. So, when we came across Snick Foley’s new track, “Rhymes with Borrow”, we were halted in our constant time-travelling tracks and responded with a resonant, “YES”.

“Rhymes with Borrow”,“borrows” its rich soundscapes of the ‘40s and ‘50s jazz ballads (that smoky horn sound!). The old school samples are put into a contemporary beat that accompanies his lyrical, poetic, flow perfectly. Queens-based Snick Foley describes himself as a poet and historian, with this track being a product of both “his own personal experiences and the classic novel, ‘The Great Gatsby’”. 

Snick Foley

Snick Foley’s flow is truly impeccable with an arrangement of rhymes that fit so beautifully into this musical puzzle, it makes you wish the track extended beyond its 2:13 duration. “Not born, to succeed, that’s a tough pill to swallow/ Think they being deep, but they mind run hollow /I’m a God to all you amateurs referred to as Apollo”…are just some examples of gorgeously crafted lines, which over that sampled horn sound and contemporary beat manifest into a combination of the best of both era-distant worlds. 

Snick Foley

Best listened to: When you’re dressed to the nines, sipping a martini, smoking a cigar staring meaningfully out of the window.

Listen for this moment: 0:23, when Snick Foley begins rapping; effortlessly and smooth.

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