Clifford, “3AM”

When it’s catchy, it’s C.A.T.C.H.Y Tonemillers, and Clifford has c.a.u.g.h.t us with his new track, “3AM” (#whysocatchy). The minute Clifford sings, “Tonight, imma stay up till 3/ In the morning thinkin’ ‘ bout you”, the melody is already lodged deep into your brain. It’s the type of line Max Martin and his songwriting scientist buddies work tirelessly to create. In fact, it’s just the type of hook that once it starts playing in a club, you squeal and grab your closest girlfriend and you guys shriek/sing together at the top of your lungs. Did we mention we think it’s catchy? 

The minimalist production feels like a more sophisticated take on an early 2000’s club song, and Clifford’s mature and memorable voice is a perfect match. There is a hypnotic quality to the driving rhythm and circular melodies which emphasize the very theme of the song: to have love on the brain. Clifford himself says: “this song is about how love puts you in a dream state even when you’re awake.” Relatable much? Yeah, your Tonemamas would be lying if we said we hadn’t found ourselves skipping along in those love dreams from time to time, and Clifford is sending us right back! 


Listen for: 1:05 when we get to hear Reeves’ voice clearly in the verse, and it’s quite a voice

Best listened to: Getting ready to go clubbing with an open heart, wallet and liver (those days will return Tonemillers, those days will return…)

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  1. I agree, this song is really catchy. He has another song that really sticks with you: Party like it’s Halloween. Have you heard it?

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