Jack Simchack, “Tonight”

Here’s a quick story about this song: the ‘80s called Jack Simchack and wanted their long, sweeping intros back. After falling in love with this track, the Tonemamas answered on his behalf with a decisive, “NEVER!”, and then hung up the phone (we hung up the phone because it’s the 80’s and what is touch screen?). Now that you understand the context, let’s move on. 

Jack Simchack

Jack Simchack is a Brooklyn-based nerd/ guitarist/ producer/ artist who’s making excellent music inspired by the decade of guitar heroes, analogue synths and big hair. His latest single “Tonight” is a catchy tune about living in the moment. Living in the moment…great advice depending on the intention (as in: let’s live in the moment and take all this cocaine together, OR let’s live in the moment while strolling down the beach together, friend). 

The first thing that’s striking about this song is the catchy guitar-riff – ah, we love a good riff-based song! Simchack is really nailing this ‘80s rock genre in all the ways: from the drum sound, to the rhythm guitar in the verses, to the rad synth-sounds (did people say “rad” in the 80’s…?). He sings in a dark register with an interesting, cool tone that reminds us of Ian Curtis of Joy Division, who happens to be one of Simchack’s influences. Nobody wants to be in this decade anymore, so press play on this track and escape for a moment in the wacky wonderful world of the 80’s!

Jack Simchak, Tonight

Best listened to: When you’re getting dressed and ready to go out, drinking a beer while doing your hair! 

Listen for: 1:38, the first interlude – the guitar-riff from the intro comes back and it’s dubbed in the synth

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