Middleneck, “Head in the Clouds”

Dear, dearest Tonemiller, wherever you are/ Did you spend last night looking at a star/ Did you spend yesterday dreaming of big crowds/ And will you spend today with your head in the clouds? 
*Cue teary applause for heartfelt poem from the Tonemamas to the Tonemillers.*
Speaking of “Head in the Clouds”, today’s feature Middleneck was not referring to himself when he wrote the song with that name, he must’ve in fact been quite focused on making such a wonderful production! (Smooth transition? #tonemamasmooth)


Middleneck is a studio project by Matthew Lagattuta. Once again, we’re reviewing a one-man-band! Is the music industry becoming more introverted, and the musicians more multi-talented? (Can someone do this research and get back to us please?) Middleneck describes his project as “mixing noodly emo guitar playing with the lofi hip hop genre – usually instrumental.” Okay, maybe that’s what you normally do Matt, but “Head in the Clouds” is a laid-back indie-pop tune with beautiful vocals and we love it! 

Middleneck, “Head in the Clouds”

“Head in the Clouds” is based on a simple, yet effective guitar-riff over a beat. The melody is memorable and carries out the stream-of-consciousness-esque lyrics perfectly. A few simple good ideas seem to be the key to this great piece of work! 

The overdubbed vocals have a beautiful raspy sound that blends in with the guitar so seamlessly that it’s impossible to imagine a different vocal sound! Okay, that’s it from us Tonemillers, we’re heading back into the clouds now…

Best enjoyed: When you’re commuting and you’re looking out of the train/bus/car window. You see rain, maybe some fallen leaves, and you pretend to be the main character in an emotional music video. 

Listen for: 0:20 – Such a nice phrasing in the vocals followed by a beautiful response in the guitar! 

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