Drama Dolls, “Sometimes You Gotta be a Bitch”

The Drama Dolls are made up of three high-energy, screaming, rocking, butt-kicking women. The kind of band you instantly want to see live, because you just know it’s going to be an unforgettable night. The band’s latest single: “Sometimes You Gotta be a Bitch”, starts out with the lead-singer screaming; “AAAAAAAAH FEEL SICK!”. The distorted electric guitar is turned up high, the drummer and the metallic-sounding bass are pumping and moving the tune forward like a non-stopping train we would not get in the way of – these dolls are angry! Their periods must’ve synchronized, right every-ignorant-gentleman-ever?  

Drama Dolls

The lyrics are simple and effective like punk lyrics often are: “I feel sick /Sometimes you gotta be a bitch/ I feel bored / Sometimes you gotta be a whore.” They deliver it with such passion and conviction that we are with them from the first note. This single is part of the Drama Dolls’ upcoming EP Over The Shoulder/ Boulder Holder that was recorded in Larrabee Studios, a legend  in the punk/rock world. Rock on Drama Dolls, and rock on fellow Tonebitches (the more hardcore version of a Tonemama)

Drama Dolls

Best enjoyed When you’re at peak anger levels and you can sing along very loudly and play air-guitar in your underwear. 

Listen for: 1:30, we love the way the lead singer says “Don’t talk to meeeeeeh/ Don’t look at meeeeh!”

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