Shawn Mathews, “Wanna Be”

The Tonemamas can’t resist a good ole catchy pop tune. Shawn Mathews said, “resist no more”, and offered us “Wanna Be” fresh on the music market this month.

Shawn Mathews

How “Wanna Be” meets the list of requirements for a catchy song:

  1. Memorable melody – check, if you’re not singing “You’ve been through my mind, can we talk” after listening to this track, then you might be a goldfish, and catchy pop tunes were never for you anyway.
  2. Relatable topic – well, you tell us – do you know the feeling of liking someone and trying to get them to like you back? Well that’s this track in a nutshell. If you don’t know this feeling then you must be the person everyone else likes in which case…Well, good for you. 
  3. Quality production – the production team (Mathews himself and Kylie Michele Fernands) does not disappoint. They have created a track that is clean, crisp and delicious and we want to eat it (but also listen to it).
Shawn Matthews

Overall, Mathews is spot on with the formula and for that we award him the prestigious: “Worthwhile Song to Get Stuck in Your Head” of 2020. 

Best listened to: While texting that Someone who you shouldn’t be texting, your friends said you shouldn’t, everyone said you shouldn’t, you loudly exclaimed that you shouldn’t but here you are…let Mathews keep you company while you mess up at least.

Listen for this moment: 0:22 the fantastic switch up from a muffled sound to the clean, crisp deliciously produced sound.

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