looseleaf, “Run”

“2…3…RUN”, is the sentence you expect to hear when you’re trapped in a closet with your roommate because a serial killer broke in and has been softly whistling while swinging around an axe, gently calling for the “fresh blood of human girls…”

Whoops, sorry Tonemamas are watching too many scary movies during Halloween season. However, when we heard that opening sentence on looseleaf’s new single “Run”, we expected something very different to what actually followed. 


What actually followed was instead the mellow, rich and full voices of Anthony Marone and Wesley Edwards who make up the duo known as looseleaf. The timbre of vocals is both familiar and unique,and feels like a fantastic combination of Danny O’Donoghue from The Script and Ry Cuming from RY X. 

Quirky beats, a warm and dreamy tech-heavy production creates that perfect blend between deeply non-human and human sounds that we hear a lot on the Tonemill blog. And of course, who can resist a catchy hook? We don’t quite know where to place this song in our personal boxes of genres and artists, but that makes it all the more fascinating – won’t you pause your scary movie for a second, and check these two gentlemen out? You will not be disappointed.


Listen for: 01:58 for an unusual breakdown before heading back into that fantastically catchy hook

Best listened to: On the pre-drinks playlist, getting ready before your friends/family come over for a socially-distanced hang

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