Marquis Storm, “W.T.F. (Where’s the Faith)”

You may or may not have heard: it’s election week (we know you’ve heard). Not just any election week, no this is the election for the president of the United States of friggin’ America in not just any year, no friggin’ TWENTY TWENTY! So, we thought it would be a good week to lift our eyes up from New York and take a little tour around the country to see what’s going on out there! It’s time for a USA special! 

Our first non-NewYorker is rapper Marquis Storm. Born and raised in Cleveland Heights Ohio, Storm started writing music at the early age of 15. “W.T.F. (Where’s the Faith), is part of Marquis’ latest album Love, Hate and Winter Break that he released earlier this year. 

Marquis Storm

He begins with a 25 second-long instrumental, acoustic intro – we appreciate how Storm takes his time. The track is laid back, yet there’s a sense of urgency in Marquis’ voice.  He raps in a slow pace, saying every word with clear articulation over a slow tempoed track. He’s contemplating what seems to be the different types of faith and how they affect him, his relationship to his own religion and of course, a love interest to get us hooked to the story. 

At a critical moment in global history, we sense a lot of you Tonemillers are going to be introspective on where to draw your strength from…it is not our place to advocate any particular religion except the religion of this blog which is good music such as our new discovery Marquis Storm! 

Listen for: 1:30, he changes up his rhythmic phrasing on just a few words and this minor detail has a major effect. 

Best enjoyed: While casting your vote tomorrow!

Check out Marquis Storm here

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