US special: “Uncomfortable”, CANNXN

This past week has been, mildly put, uncomfortable. Because what’s more uncomfortable than the unbearable waiting for either an impending apocalypse or the sweet sounds of hope? But on November 7th we all breathed a much-needed breath of relief and what better way to celebrate a new age for the United States of America than to continue our “US special”! 


Today we’re getting in our hot air balloon and traveling all across the country to a city where we’ve heard it rains a lot; Seattle. To represent her city is singer/songwriter and producer CANNXN. Of course we instantly expect some growly garage-band as we afterall are in the birth-place of grunge-rock, but CANNXN surprises us with a catchy, fun pop-tune with a slick production and we love it! 

The track “Uncomfortable” is a quarantine-project. The artist describes the inescapable anxiety that accompanied her isolation (a feeling we all know too well). She repeats the word “Uncomfortable” in a nonchalant, completely comfortable way, like she’s passed the point of caring and now she’s just dancing around in her bedroom freely and jubilantly absorbing her own misery. CANNXN’s voice is so flexible and fresh there is no doubt she’s going to blow up so jump on this bandwagon now!

Listen for: 0:39, we love how that chorus hits! 

Best enjoyed: While dancing in the streets!!!

Check out CANNXN here

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