This Coast Bias – “Climbing the Walls”

As you may have noticed, the Tonemamas are not American. We like to present ourselves as anonymous, apolitical, untraceable and amorphous creatures…so we have to be honest: we don’t know much about Oklahoma, except that there is a musical named after this state…or city…or is it a country? Anyway, now we have a new and better fact to attach to Oklahoma and it is three words: This Coast Bias. 

Clay Milford (This Coast Bias)

This Coast Bias is the indie/bedroom pop project of Clay Milford who is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and now the face of Oklahoma for the Tonemamas. His most recent single “Climbing the Walls” is everything the Tonemamas love: warm textures, a memorable melody, vulnerable lyrics and an overall genuine and unique sound we have not heard in a while. Milford cites Prince, Tame Impala and ABBA as his influences and we would like to add Bon Iver, as well as RYE X. This track is such a great amalgamation of diverse sounds borrowed from a hodge-podge of related genres…it’s the kind of thing your friend starts playing and you immediately pull out your phone out to Shazam it. We are delighted to have served as your personal Shazam and invite you to join us on the This Coast Bias fan train!

Clay Milford (This Coast Bias)

Best listened to: After a difficult conversation with a partner/ex and you’re riding the subway back home frustrated…let This Coast Bias guide you through the frustrations with this gorgeously crafted song

Listen for this moment: 0:32 the start of the verse feels highly emotive and ensures you won’t be pressing ‘skip’ anytime soon

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