Estella Dawn, “Fiery B”

Brunettes, unite! New-Zealand born, Colorado-based artist Estella Dawn gives us a powerful, soulful, vocally impressive track with her latest single, “Fiery B”. “There’s a fiery brunette down there”, she sings, and we are here for this new artist, the fire and all the brunettes (why did the blondes monopolize on the concept of fun! We’re staking back our claim!)

Twenty-three-year-old Estella Dawn has got music in her bones: a songwriter, pianist, guitarist, producer and recording artist, the singer talks about music as being her “personal entertainment or crisis management.” We don’t want to wish crisis upon anyone, but if this is what Dawn produces in a crisis then…then we’re still not going to wish crisis upon anyone but we will state for the record that she has 100% Tonemama crisis management skills approval. 

Estella Dawn

Dawn’s songwriting is exceptional and does all the right things at all the right times: the way the music falls, rises, pauses and then picks up in just the perfect spots creates sheer listening joy. We are instantly reminded of other artists like Jojo (forever underrated) and Natasha Beddingfield (though instead of sunshine, Estella has cigarettes in her pocket)

Estella Dawn

Our excitement at Dawn’s songwriting skills shouldn’t overshadow her vocal chops though: our New Zealander can sing! There are smooth riffs, strong adlibs and a real belt banger happening at 2:56 where the music cuts out just before we’re launched into another hard-hitting chorus. There is a fiery brunette down there indeed, and we’re not going to do anything to tame the flames!

Best listened to: …while waiting for the brunette dye to set in your hair of course…

Listen for this moment: 2:11 the stripped bridge with a bass line that will have your head yearning to dislocate from your neck…shine, bass player, SHINE!

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