Highschool Jacob, “Not Worth Dying 4”

Nothing living is worth dying for.

And yet…in the artistic industry we are so often tricked into thinking that if we’re not thousands of dollars in debt, morbidly depressed, hopelessly overworked and just miserable in general, perhaps we don’t care about our art enough? We all know the tortured artist badge that many musicians proudly carry almost as if to say, yes…my craft is worth dying for.

Highschool Jacob

It’s therefore delightfully refreshing to have LA-based artist, Highschool Jacob, giving us an alternative answer with his latest single, “Not Worth Dying 4”. The first thing that strikes the Tonemamas is that there’s nothing highschool-esque about this message, all ages could stand to be reminded that perhaps nothing is worth dying for, or if it is,  maybe it’s not the things we thought initially. (*Cue sound of microphone dropping and minds being blown*)

“Running, keep them running/ Knowing they won’t make it far” he sings in a captivating manner making us think of all fast-paced crowds traipsing up and down cities like New York and London hoping to ‘make it’ (whatever that means). It seems it’s especially these cities that have a fast turnover rate with young people ‘expiring’ more and more under the significant pressures (more so now in the pandemic).

Highschool Jacob

“Because look/ You’ve collapsed on the kitchen floor/ And at least it’s something that’s not worth dying for,” he goes on to sing. It seems to be the realization post-burnout…was it really worth dying for? My music, my career, the chase?

“Not Worth Dying 4” by Highschool Jacob reminds us all the things worth living for including the incessant stream of talent flowing through our Tonemill inbox and for that we are #blessed.

Listen for this moment: 01:38 the super-processed and satisfying interlude between the last chorus and second verse

Best listened to: While going for your last run of the year (why are still running in winter? Are you insane? Are you?) and burning off aaaaaallllllll the frustrations (burn them in calories guys and gals)

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