The Sunshine State, “Cliff Drive”

Have you ever done something, “just to know what it feels like?” Carefully neared your finger to a flame, mixed a bunch of sodas together as an experimental child, mixed together a bunch of alcohol as an experimental teenager, etc.? (Still mixing a bunch of alcohols together as experimental adult Tonemamas…). The theme here seems to be the explorative and youthful in nature and Skyler Stonestreet captures this essence perfectly in her new single, “Cliff Drive”.

Skyler Stonestreet

The LA-based songwriter (whose artist project is called The Sunshine State) is no stranger to commercial success and has already penned a few hits for some artists you may or may not have heard of (Justin Bieber anyone? Ariana Grande anyone? Dua Lipa anyone?). Now she’s taking a step forward from being behind the scenes, and what a way to arrive on the scene – “Cliff Drive” is a hauntingly beautiful, indie-rock production – a dreamy and ambient track. Stonestreet sings for the majority of the song in a matter-of-fact manner about the spontaneity that runs through the bloodstream of the young folk (we remember those good old days as young Tonegirls). There is emotion in her lyrics but in seems to be controlled in her vocals until 2:38 when we hear Stonestreet’s impressive belt as the song changes pace and we are reminded of an Avril Lavigne-like chant while she repeats the words, “just to know what it feels like”.

Skyler Stonestreet

Tonemillers, listen to this song…even if it’s just to know what it feels like (hint: it feels very, very good).

Best listened to: Driving anywhere…this is song meant to be experienced in the small confines of a car with rushing landscapes flying past the window

Listen for this moment: 2:38 following a highly emotive guitar interlude, we hear the full range of Stonestreet’s voice.

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