Dante Mazzetti, “Moonlight”

“Well, I decided to live forever, or die trying.”
What an opening lyric. It sets the mood perfectly for this cinematic, Spanish-sounding, seductive and captivating ballad by NYC-born multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and firefighter Dante Mazzetti.

Dante Mazzetti

“Moonlight” is an appropriate title for this track. There’s something about the muffled quality of the instruments combined with Mazzetti’s own fragile yet emotively bold voice that seem to suggest this song exists in the shadows of a very full moon indeed. A pro on the guitar, mandolin, upright bass and piano, Mazzetti has an evident understanding of music that has integrated into the very fiber of his being.

Everything about this track is visual – we can visualize shots of a black and white New York, of a couple dancing tango in a moonlit alley, a man pondering on a sidewalk with a cigar…there is pensiveness, romance and movement.
The Tonemamas are busy writing about a hundred script ideas as we speak…stay tuned Dante Mazzetti, this track will end up in a movie someday (#Tollyhood…we’ll work on a better Tonemill-inspired Hollywood alternative, suggestions welcome)

Dante Mazzetti

Best listened to: While sipping a martini in a dimly lit room wearing an exquisite fifties inspired cocktail dressing while catching the eye of a handsome and intriguing stranger across the room….and ACTION!

Listen for this moment: 01:18 the sensual and smooth sounds of a brilliant horn section interlude that will leave you melting/ melted/ molten (?)

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