Valencia James, “All the Waves”

Spiritual teachers often remind us that nature mirrors life when we observe patterns of gain/loss, destruction/ growth, and vitality/ death (Tonemamas are becoming #tonegurus). NYC-born, Sydney bred dark pop artist Valencia James offers us this very wisdom in her anthem for endurance and hope, “All the Waves”.

Valencia James

In a delightfully contemporary production that conjures up associations of a “popified” Imogen Heap, James sings about the continuance of waves crashing down and her persistence to not be pulled under. We have to take James’ psychology of the ocean seriously because it seems waves operate on another level in Australia (waves can peak at 38 feet in Sydney???) 

Valencia James

Her vocals keep a beautifully consistent warm tone over the poetic lyrics with a crystal-like quality becoming evident in her higher range. The songwriting is accessible yet sophisticated, all her melodies rise and fall in the right places artistically mirroring the very waves she sings about.

Best listened to: While floating around on a floatee in a pool somewhere (either in your imagination or in your holiday home in Sydney…#inviteus)

Listen for this moment: 2:31 in the bridge we hear the serious power in James’ belting ability and full range of her emotive vocalizing

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