Buffalo Hunt, “Walkin’ in a TV”

Did you ever wonder as a child how all the little people on the TV got in there? And if they ever got out?

No, you had sophisticated TV-engineer parents who told you early on that there is a transmitter and signals and a receiver and what on earth are you talking about little people??? Well…some of us had a childhood that was more imaginative than that, and Buffalo Hunt answers all our imaginative child-brain questions in her fascinating new single, “Walkin’ in a TV”.

Buffalo Hunt

There is a sublime production which draws upon the strangest sounds: we hear birds chirping and jungle noises, video-game sounds, processed church bells…it’s a fantastical world captured in song form. The track is experimental and innovative. That combined with Hunt’s glassy vocals and pitch ambiguity in the harmonies make for an unusual, but fantastic listening experience. We are reminded of James Blake, Tame Impala, Flume, Sigur Rós and, is it okay to say it sounds like Lada Del Rey consumed the wrong (or right, depending on what kind of person you are) mushroom? Buffalo Hunt’s references are as eclectic as the soundscape she masterfully executes. 

The Tonemamas are grown and very very mature women and yet we still like to occasionally think about what it would be like to get stuck in a TV like all the little people in there (we never hung out with the TV-engineer kids) …Buffalo Hunt’s song is a satisfying answer for the imaginative questions.

Best listened to: There are so many elements in this song it’s best to listen to while not distracted…might we suggest simply sitting down and listening to a song? (We know, it’s a revolutionary idea in a world of addicted multi-taskers…)

Listen for this moment: 01:10 the introduction of jungle sounds was most exciting for the Tonemamas whose only recent nature experience was trying to feed a disinterested city pigeon

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