Louise Kelly, “Play Your Part”

Can you sense that Christmas cheer is in the air? Us neither, we haven’t been outside in a hundred months but our calendars tell us that Christmas cheer is nigh. And to accompany that Christmas cheer we have a brand new festive song by Illinois-based Louise Kelly called “Play your Part”. We know what you’re thinking: “Um…excuse me, I’ve been listening to the same five Christmas songs my whole life and I have no intentions of expanding that repertoire!”. Not to worry! We’re not messing with the classic traditionals, today we have something satirical, interesting and totally unique (but with sleigh bells!)

Louise Kelly

Kelly sings with a sweet, light and, flexible voice that somehow sounds kind. The down-to-earth lyrics are simply describing all the details around a nativity play, and by doing so she manages to say so much in-between the lines. From the cheeky shade: (“Wise men don’t know where to go”) to the chorus line: (“Play your part”) it is consistently engaging. What part should we play? Is she referring to the facade so many families find themselves trying to uphold during the festive season? Is she making a general commentary on all the different roles we play in life? Or is it simply a non-metaphorical instruction to all the hundreds of kids engaging in nativity plays around this time? Or is it all of them combined?
Whatever it may be, it is smart, witty and original…and we suspect you might want to add this one to your repertoire after all (we certainly are!)

Best listened to: If you’re feeling a little lonely: Louise Kelly sings in a way that makes you feel like you guys are hanging out together (okay yes, we just heard that, the Tonemamas need to get outside and actually inhale that Christmas cheer!)

Listen for: 0:27, when the backing vocals come in on the pre-chorus, so lovely!

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