Nanuk, “Family Song”

The Tonamamas spend their days getting paid to listen to unknown artists (we’re #blessed we know). When listening, we’re always searching for the same thing – a uniqueness, an originality, an essence that will instantly distinguish from the clutter of similar-sounding masses. Then we heard Nanuk, and we were struck by his…ordinariness. Because so often we hear what appears to want to be ‘extraordinary’, but in reality is just a bland dish dressed up with a couple of spices. 
Nanuk is perfectly ordinary, and in his perfection of the ordinary he has become…extraordinary. 
What can be more unique than extraordinary ordinariness?


In the British’s artist latest single, “Family Song”, he spends two minutes and eight seconds describing the seemingly mundane ups and downs of married life. We’ve all heard our fair share of love songs knowing they mostly chronicle love falling apart, love as deeply and theatrically passionate, love as dangerously obsessive. 
Nanuk takes us on a different, much less travelled road. He describes a love that comes after all the aforementioned drama – the love of choosing to stay together through the falling apart/ passion/ obsession and finally to a love that is profoundly simple. 
Nanuk sings: “I know a lot has changed since we first met/ I’ve put on a few pounds on and we don’t hold hands like we used to/ I will love you ‘till the day I die”. 

Best listened to: When you’re annoyed because your partner did not do the laundry as you HAD ASKED OF THEM, and then you listen to this song and you’re reminded of the beauty of the ordinary frustrations that underlie true love

Listen for: 0:58 the slight change of accompaniment does so much and keeps our attention.

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