Anna Mae Kelly, “Waver”

We often wonder what it must have been like to have heard a young 15-year-old Adele for the first time singing in some dimly lit venue in the UK. As she wandered on the stage, the small audience consisting of a few regulars must have not given her a second glance. Then she began to sing. 

Did they know, we wonder? It would have been easy to claim to have known once her success was widespread (“We knew instantly that she would be a star!”). But how often do we hear young talent, and not know we’re in the presence of one-yet-to-be-discovered? 
The Tonemamas are calling it: 17-year-old British Anna Mae Kelly is next.

Anna Mae Kelly

With influences such as the aforementioned Adele as well as Florence and the Machine, Anna Mae Kelly executes this pop song with 100% perfection. It starts off minimalistic with a driving beat and Anna Mae Kelly’s excellent vocals in the low register. Following a brilliant pre-chorus, we are launched into a convincing, memorable and rousing chorus with a splattering of unexpected but greatly appreciated background vocal arrangements. The full range of Anna Mae Kelly’s voice is on magnificent display, showing off her warm and surprisingly mature tone. And then we remember…she’s only seventeen?! At the tender age of seventeen, the Tonemamas were miming Mariah Carey in the mirror, let alone writing and releasing industry-standard professional music and catching the eyes and ears of all surrounding her!

We repeat: we’re calling it. Remember the name: Anna Mae Kelly.

Best listened to while: When you have to cook Christmas dinner with your family and there are clearly too many chefs in the kitchen and you blast this song so that everyone can stop bickering and be distracted by the glory of this song #thanksforcalmingthetension

Listen for this moment: 2:56 we are here for Anna Mae Kelly’s belt…sing superstar, sing!

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