Elliston, “Grapefruit Diet”

Dearest Tonemiller, it’s a messy world out there on Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, and all the other platforms where up-and-coming artists are drowning in a sea of other up-and-coming artists. We’re not going to get into a discussion on digital distribution and bedroom music (we’ll do that over a cigarette and a whiskey later, privately in the ‘Mill). 
What we will get into though, is that once in a while someone stands out from that overpopulated sea of up-and-comers…and that standout is (*cue warm applause, please*) Elliston and his new single, “Grapefruit Diet” (note that we are writing this before this song’s release, so acknowledge that we are calling it here and now: this will be a h-i-t..)


Elliston is a singer/songwriter from the land where stars are born: Canada (second topic for cigarette/whiskey conversation: why are all the biggest stars from Canada?). His latest single “Grapefruit Diet” is a witty and quirky tale about a girl who as Elliston describes it,“Has her shit together” and a guy who doesn’t, “She’s doing squats in the gym/ My favorite sport is sleeping in”. There’s a flexibility to the Canadian’s unique voice that instantly draws us in. The relatable lyric combinated with a catchy melody and served up with a retro sounding production is a Martha Stewart recipe for success! 
In addition, it doesn’t exactly hurt Elliot’s case when filing his application for stardom at the stardom office that he looks like Harry Styles dressed up as Clark Kent. 

Listen for: 1:03, those subtle harmonies! Never thought the lyrics “Latte and Matcha”/ “Microwave Pasta” would give us the chills! 

Best listened to: Singing along with all your imaginary friends at an imaginary party!

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