Terry Blade, “Silent Treatment”

Oooof, what’s that rich sound that makes the Tonemama bones resonate? Is it you, Barry White? Are you singing to us from rockstar heaven? Or is it you James Earl Jones, did you finally take up a career in music?
No, Tonemillers – this deep, rumbling sound comes from the extraordinary vocal cords of Chicago-based Terry Blade.

Terry Blade

Mr. Blade must be a highly productive person: in 2020 he had the time to release ten singles, including “Brooms and Mops” and “The Unlovable” – both got more than 100K streams each on Spotify alone! Someone has clearly not used the quarantine period to eat cheese doodles and feel sorry for themselves whilst binging on Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill… hypothetical examples of course…who said that?

The baritone’s latest single “Silent Treatment” is a heavy neo-soul track about being rejected (or “ghosted” for all the cool youth reading this). Word of advice Terry, show the ghoster this tune and they’re bound to instantly regret their ghostiness. This track is instant seduction. The production is flawless within it’s genre, with a thick key-based landscape, a soaking wet trumpet and steady rim-shots. It’s a track the Soulquarians themselves would’ve been proud of (a group of musicians including Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Questlove and J Dilla that hung out in Jimi Hendrix’s old studio in the ‘90’s and allegedly gave birth to the Neo Soul genre #tonemillhistorylesson). 
Close your eyes and let yourself be swept away by the velvety magic of Terry Blade!

Best listened to: while getting in the mood…you know….the mood….the mood….you get it.

Listen for: 1:04, we love that trumpet sound!

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