Wallace Field, “Clare”

“Henry, I wish you could stay/ I miss you when you’re here and of course when you’re away.”
This is how the up-and-coming Massachusetts based artist Wallace Field begins her second single, “Clare”. Over the reverb-laden electric guitar and acoustic strumming combined with her spectacularly emotive voice with a rich and Joan Baez-esque vibrato, we, unlike fictional Henry, are here to stay.

Wallace Field

Based on the “Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niggenegger, Field portrays the relationship between Clare and Henry and all the time-travelling based hardships they have to endure. Call us basic, but there’s nothing the Tonemamas love more than a dramatic love story! The love story is summarized in a pop-ish song with an exquisite soundscape – warm, layered vocal textures are creating a soft musical breeze that blows gently in between Field’s unique tone. 

Wallace Field

This singer/songwriter is evidently a marvelous story adaptor as well as a storyteller, and we are counting down the days for her debut EP “Crystal Mirror”, out on January 15th.

Best listened to while: Walking through the rain with a sodden bunch of roses in hand and dressed in a muddy wedding dress that is in tatters…no? We suppose you could also just sit on your couch and listen.

Listen for this moment: 01:35 – the angelic effect of layered voices with a most effective echo-chamber effect

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