ANISE, “Toulouse”

It seems that not everyone is thrilled that 2020 has come to an end. We know…like, what? 
But, if you spent the better portion of the pandemic isolated in the sweet-sounding, romantic city of Toulouse (say “Toulouse” out loud…did you just give yourself chills? Ah, French…), isolated in lovey-dovey bliss with your new boyfriend…well, then who can blame you? And we certainly are not blaming today’s featured artist ANISE for premiering a song today named after that exact city about that exact scenario described above (…but we might be a tad jelly…). 


London-residing, France-traveling, Lithuanian-dating New-Yorker ANISE performs her latest single with a beautiful, rich and deeply evocative voice. The artist’s silky voice is underlined by the lush backup vocals that really lift the production to the next level. The all over soundscape is a classic neo-soul one: minimalist drums, that slick bass ,tasty keyboards and guitar which all paint a relaxed and inviting river of sound that we want to swim into and float and let it carry us to somewhere magical…perhaps Toulouse?

In her lyrics, the songwriter vividly describes peace, love and straight up happiness (…what even are those things?) “Marinate the moment / Feel the angels smile upon us”. Well, dear Tonemiller we suggest you marinate in this track for three minutes and thirty-six seconds while enjoying this gem of the new year!

Best listened to: When you’re blissfully in love in Toulouse… Not applicable for you? Okay, when you’re snuggling up at home, pretending that you chose to have a night in and who even wants to go Toulouse anyway…

Listen for: 0:46 OUFFF – when that bass enters with and the melody rhythm picks up – chiiiiills!

Check out ANISE here

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