LowDown Brass Band, “We Dem Boys”

Grab your dancing shoes Tonemillers, because we’re going to PARTYYYYY!
Hear the excited chitter chatter of a group of attractive young people mixing and mingling over colorful drinks? No, it’s not in your ‘I’ve-been-isolated-for-too-long-am-I-hearing-voices’ head, it’s Chicago-based LowDown Brass Band that’s putting the “funk” in “funkalicious” with their single, “We Dem Boys”!

The band

When Shane Jonas (vocalist/ trumpeter) and MC Billa Camp came together to write this track, they somehow managed to capture the ultimate essence of a party. (Note: a party is a gathering of humans that people used to attend…). The boy-band blends soul, funk, hip-hop in a dazzling horn arrangement over the smooth, cheeky and charismatic voice of Shane Jonas singing “We’ve come to have a good time/ Satisfaction guaranteed”. We’re not asking for our money back anytime soon. 

This track has so much personality – the crowd chant of “Hold up/ We dem boys” punctuating the end of each line even has the Tonemamas proudly yelling along as one of dem boys #toneboys. And then we’ve got that solo trumpet line in a brief interlude that musically embodies that one person at every party – you know the one: they attract everyone, they have the best dance moves, they electrify a room with their sheer presence….#trumpetersarecoolkids.
It is a spectacular track that brings the party to even the loneliest of quarantines…crank up the volume and get grooving!

Best listened to while: Imagining a party, planning a party for 2050, reminiscing about old parties, at your three-person-socially-distant party…

Listen for this moment: 2:18 when MC Billa Camp breaks it down in his fantastic, sensual voice 

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