Bobby Pebblestone, “Never Going Down”

Dear Bobby Pebbelstone, 
The Tonemamas here. 
First of all, who on earth are you? Your permanently masked photographs offer us no insight into what you might look like.
Second of all, how on earth did you release music every Wednesday for an entire year? Are you actually hiding under that mask your real identity  as…Mozart-Reincarnated-But-As-A-Hip-Hop-Artist? (For anyone who’s not a classical geek, Mozart was like, super productive).
And thirdly, why do we automatically start twerking whenever your latest single, “Never Going Down” comes on?

Bobby Pebblestone

The minimalist production should get boring, but it does not. There’s a high-end percussive riff that’s Missy-Elliot-esque plus a metallic bass motif and drum loop that’s enough to launch anyone into some super sweaty choreography. Pebbelstone’s rapping is consistent in its intensity, doubling and tripling the lead voice at times at a slightly delayed pace to create a stronger, harsher, twerkier sound. It’s the kind of track someone would start playing at a house party and watch how a crowd of relaxed people mingling transform into a crew of  fabulous-beyond-fabulous Yanis Marshall’s (if you haven’t checked this dancer out, first listen to Bobby P and then bless your eyes with Marshall’s choreography to get the full effect of our imagined scene). Watch out Tonemillers, your feet might not be able to resist this beat (so enjoy this treat….what, one rhyme too many? We can’t all be Bobby Pebblestone’s…).

Listen for: 0:38, when he finally brings dat bassssss back! 

Best enjoyed: While strutting around, listening to the “Strutting around” playlist by yours truly. 

Check out Bobby Pebblestone here

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